Timberland Consulting

Griffin Global Resources through its wholly owned subsidiary, Global Timberland and Commercial Realty, headquartered in Washington state, has the expertise and experience to advise on all aspects of timberland sales and acquisitions. From valuations and negotiations to resources management and development plans, Griffin Global Resources is an invaluable resource to any forestland transaction.

We partner with landholders to develop sales and marketing strategies necessary to reach their goals. With our extensive industry network built over decades of experience, we can find the right match for any forest.

We partner with investors looking to expand and diversify their portfolios to create long-term growth in the forest industry. We focus on defining investment strategies and leveraging our industry expertise to identify areas of opportunity and value. As well, we collaborate on creating management and utilization plans that maximize market opportunities.

At Griffin Global Resources we have participated in transactions and management plans involving more than 500,000 acres and values in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We have the experience and expertise to create success in every project.