About Us


Griffin Global Resources has over 40 years of experience in forest products and import management, and is recognized as a leader in international forest products trade. We operate around the globe through an extensive network of manufacturers and company representatives. Griffin Global Resources has been built on loyal, long-term and multi-generational relationships while adhering to our core principles of Quality and Consistency of both products and services.

Trusted Experts

Our core team comprises experienced professionals who coordinate all aspects of our transactions. We are committed to providing the highest standards of customer service to our customers, and to our supplier-partners. We are equipped to conduct business in any language, with intimate knowledge of local customs, traditions, market conditions and pricing trends. We are dedicated to creating lasting and sustainable relationships with our business partners.


For over 30 years Griffin Global Resources has been an industry leader promoting usage of plantation species such as pine and eucalyptus. We value our natural resources and want to ensure they are sustainably and ethically managed. At every step in the supply chain we perform levels of diligence that are consistent with the best industry practices for products we represent and sell. We are committed to a healthy future for our planet.