Market Development

At Griffin Global Resources we use our extensive market knowledge and experience to identify opportunities to expand product reach and distribution. We develop tailored strategies for our products and customers who are looking to achieve growth and stability. With more than 40 years in global trade, we have the extensive network and knowledge needed to develop new products or markets, and maximize existing operations, by focusing on these four concepts:

Market Development

Identifying and developing new opportunities for our products using our knowledge of local customs, pricing trends, and market conditions.

Market Penetration

We ensure that existing operations and markets are fully maximized, focusing on efficiency, quality, and consistency of production and customer service.

Product Development

As experts in our fields we are uniquely positioned to advise in the development of new products. We formulate production and marketing strategies that utilize our extensive experience and customer network to ensure success.


We utilize the previous three strategies of Market Development, Market Penetration, and Product Development to create diversity and stability for our products and suppliers, maximizing opportunity while at the same time building resiliency and strength.